Tuesday, July 20, 2010

subversion SVN

So this is my first, technical computer sciency blog post. It concerns what is called a versioning system. A versioning system allows you to have access to a large, shared collection of written work (like programs, or documents) in such a way that any new additions are kept organized. For instance, appartently though I have not managed to do it yet, with a SVN like Subversion for Eclipse, if you make a change to your code it is saved but so is the old version. You can, theoretically, see all instances of the code back to its inception. If you want to undo a change, you simply go the version that does not include that change. In any case, this little blurb is actually about how to install the versioning system known as Subversion in Eclipse.
  1. Open Eclipse and go to Help/Install New Software
  2. Press Add to add a software repository
  3. See the box appear that asks for the URL...
  4. ...which you find here http://subclipse.tigris.org/ and go to Download and Install
  5. (On this page you will see official instructions for adding Subversion)
  6. Scroll down a bit to find the various urls and chose the newest one :1.6 (though it depends on the version of Eclipse you have).
  7. paste that url back into the box in Eclipse
  8. Choose all the available software to be installed and go forward until it starts installing
  9. Restart Eclipse
  10. Go to Window/Preferences and click on Team/SVN
  11. in the SVN interface chose (Pure Java).
  12. The configuration location should be default
  13. Go to Window/Open Perspective...other and click on SVN Repository and click OK.
  14. In the blank space in the SVN repositories view right click New/Repository Location where you will enter the location of your repository which you should get from your administrator.
  15. Give your password when prompted and this should complete the process.
  16. I fyou have any problems, you might solve them by deleting your entire Eclipse install and reinstalling the latest one

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